About Hamen Games

Hamen – Games started as a school project, where 7 students had to start a company. The members of Hamen – Games want to give international students a extra opportunity to integrate in the Netherlands. Helping these students with their integration is our mission!

By introducing a quartet game we think we can help the international students to sociaize, and have more fun in their time here. We want to give the international students a opportunity to meet other people.

Financieel directeur

I am Pepijn Jehee, I am 24 years old, I am from Gouda and I’ve lived in Leeuwarden for three years now. I’m a student at NHL Stenden in the first year of the education of commercial economics. Before this study I did Maritime Technology, but because I founded a study association the commercial aspect took my attention. I am responsible for the financial and purchase aspect of our company.

Algemeen directeur

Hello, My name is Alex Leißring and I’m 23 years old. I am born in Germany. I lived here the first eleven years of my life, until I moved to the netherlands with my brother and mother. I’m a student at Nhl stenden, and study commercial economics. with this education I want to pursue my goal of getting a job in marketing. With my german background I would like to be a link between the netherlands and germany. my hobbies are sporting, watching topsport, gaming and watching youtube/series. I played soccer, judo and boxing and like to dart.

Inkoop en productbeheer

My name is Marielle, I am 22 years old and I live in Burgwerd. This school year I started my education in commercial economics. I want to have a function in marketing at a big, but cosy company when i’m older. My hobbies are shopping, and have a drink with my friends.

Inkoop en productbeheer

My name is Wouter Kruis, I am 18 years old and I live in Sneek with my parents. In my spare time I play basketball, play videogames and I like to hang out with my friends. I often listen to music and watch YouTube videos. At the moment I am in my first year of the education Commercial Economics.

Sales en marketing specialist

I am Hylke van der Heide, a 19 years old manand i am a part of the Hamen - Games group. Why did I start hamen - games with the rest of the group ? I love to do something for other people. I also like to add some value to society and with hamen - games I think that we can give this value, by selling our quartet game. I hope that we can make people laugh and that we can help them with their integration!

Creatief directeur

I am Rients de boer, a 19 years old boy from Easterein. I study commercial economics at the NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden with the group members from Hamen - Games. In the future I want to have my own company, that is why I like this project so much! Because in this project, we start our own company. Hamen - games is our own company, with the mission to help the international students integrate in the Netherlands. I support the football club Ajax, and i love to have a drink with my friends.

Sales en marketing specialist

My name is Joost van Straaten, 19 years old and I study commercial economics at the NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden. My goal is to have my own company, this study will help me with that goal. For this order we started a company with an interesting theme. All this has led to what Hamen - Games has become! My hobbies are playing football and having a drink with my friends. I live in Balk, a small village in South-West Friesland.

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